Intersectoral roundtable discussion on Natura 2000 in Miskolc

The LIFEinFORESTS project event organized by the National Forestry Association.

The second station of the 10 roundtable discussions held within the framework of the LIFE+ project has been organized with the title “Improved communication, cooperation and capacity building for the preservation of the biodiversity of Natura 2000 forests” took place at Miskolc on the 20th of October 2015 in Miskolc.

Presentations have been delivered by the Directorate of the Bükk National Park, the Directorate of the Aggtelek National Park, an employee of the Északerdő Ltd., as well as by Bényei Sándor, the leader of the Forestry Department of the Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County Office and by Gabriella Bernáthné Szabó, an expert from the Ecological and Environmental Department of the State Bureau in the second part of the meeting carried out at the headquarters of the Északerdő Ltd.

The presenters demonstrated their experience of 10 years regarding the Natura 2000 network. After the lectures the audience had the chance to discuss and compile those viewpoints on Natura 2000 forest treatment that would encourage achieving a more effective management of the network.

The suggestions proposed are going to incorporated into studies and educational materials.

Source (in Hungarian):

News editor: Annamária Udvardi

Photos: Északerdő Ltd.