Forests of the Great Hungarian Plain - study trip

Forests of the Great Hungarian Plain - study trip

Organized within the framework of the LIFE+ communication project, an expert study trip in Mid-May 2016 attracted a high number of participants to Great Hungarian Plain (Alföld).

The aim of the two-days event was to provide capacity building to the representatives of private and public forestries, silvicultures and educational institutions of Natura 2000 forest areas with the help of practical examples on sustainable forest management and treatment.  During the course of the study trip, a selection of natural forests, spontaneous forestation and the main characteristics of their evolution and the renewal of areas affected by forest fires through natural and artificial means have been examined.

The participants received a comprehensive impression about natural silviculture practices and the prerequisites for the right management of native and alien tree types in the Alföld-based natural habitats. More than 50 people joined the event. According to the project terms the Directorate of the National Park intends to organize another study trip in the next year. The dates and more information will be announced on their website ( and the LIFE project homepage (


Author: Adrienn Szatmári

Photos: Péter Pál Sütő, Adrienn Szatmári